I’m not as well versed in the English language as I would have liked to have been by my age (I’m 31 at the moment). I try to improve my understanding of grammar and my vocabulary on a sort of ad-hoc basis as I go through life, as I suppose many people do.

I’ve decided that from now on when I look up a word to confirm or learn its definition I will put a short article about it up here on my blog.

So to start, today I learned about the word apropos, which as an adverb means “on an unrelated note”, and as an adjective means essentially “appropriate” or “suitable”. At least, I hope that’s what it means. :)

Hopefully I’ll get many more new and interesting words up here in the future.

Peter Norvig: What to demand from a Scientific Computing Language

Doing some research on Peter Norvig (I’m fascinated by the guy and want to know what he thinks) and I found a talk of his: Peter Norvig: What to demand from a Scientific Computing Language. In the talk Peter explains what he wants out of a programming language and why he feels that Python fits the bill.

I watched the whole thing but I think I’ll put it on my TODO list to watch this again one day.