The Electronics Workbench: A Setup Guide

So I recently completed the Udemy course: The Electronics Workbench: A Setup Guide. It was just some good introductory fun.

After watching the course lectures I decided that my electronics lab could do with a few more potentiometers, but apart from that, I already had most everything else.

I would like to get a better set of helping hands, though; the instructor had some nice ones which could be repositioned along the horizontal axis, but I can’t quite find such things on eBay.

Also I’d like to buy a desoldering gun, but I don’t have the funds just at the moment.

Most of the tools and parts recommended in the course are listed over here, but not those specific helping hands and not the desoldering gun (I’ve sent a message to the instructor asking about those two things).

I’m planning to buy these helping hands in the near future, assuming I don’t find something better.

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