SparkFun Tiny AVR Programmer PGM-11801

I have one of these: SparkFun Tiny AVR Programmer PGM-11801. I was thinking of getting another one or two for backup, but there’s probably no need at the moment.

Also I figured out how to put a programmer on my Pluggable ATTINY Development Board For ATtiny13A/ATtiny25/ATtiny45/ATtiny85 Programming Editor Micro Usb Power Connector (see that link for details).

Jaycar Maker Hub

This isn’t super high quality content, and is basically just advertising, but what the hell. I’m not sure how regularly they get new content, but today on Maker Hub:

Rigol MSO5074 HDMI

I got my Rigol MSO5074 outputting to HDMI:

I can’t get it to work on my bigger HDMI monitor though, not sure why. Maybe the cable is too long? Maybe the signal is too low resolution? I don’t really know enough about HDMI to guess at the cause.

// 2022-09-18 jj5 – UPDATE: according to this there’s a known issue with HDMI that’s fixed with a firmware upgrade. Might have to look into that.