John’s PHP Extension library

Note to self: my PHP extension is here: jj5@tact:/home/jj5/repo/git/

The .so file (shared object) is in modules/

I linked it in like this:

Sun May 23 13:44:22
# ln -s /home/jj5/repo/git/ .

Configured it like this:

Sun May 23 13:44:47
# cat /etc/php/7.2/cli/conf.d/pext.ini


And I can build it like this:

Sun May 23 13:51:37
$ make clean && make

Knuth on reusable code

Today via Lobsters: APL Style: Patterns/Anti-patterns:

I also must confess to a strong bias against the fashion for
reusable code. To me, “re-editable code” is much, much better
than an untouchable black box or toolkit. I could go on and on
about this. If you’re totally convinced that reusable code is
wonderful, I probably won’t be able to sway you anyway, but
you’ll never convince me that reusable code isn’t mostly a

— Donald Knuth, Interview with Andrew Binstock