Web programming round up

Some web programming articles from this week:

Web browser wish list

Apparently Amazon might be making a browser. Some features I would like in a web browser:

  • Full text search over everything I’ve ever seen in my browser
  • Image preview and browser for all images ever loaded in my browser
  • Ability to download streaming media as a file
  • Being able to use HTML tables like a spreadsheet (sort, edit/change/reference, row/col/block select, etc.)

A note for web designers

Every now and again I have this problem: I see an ad for a product I’m interested in on a web page just at the same time that I click on a button or link to take me to the next page. I click the back button to go back and see the ad, but the ads are regenerated and the ad that I saw isn’t there any more. Designers who are serious about maximising sales should avoid this happening to their users. When you click back you should see what you saw last time.