Programming principles from id software

These are great: John Romero on Programming principles from id software

  1. Just do it (and do it well)
  2. Keep your code always runnable
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Invest time in building great tools
  5. Test your code thoroughly
  6. Fix bugs as soon as possible
  7. Use a superior development system
  8. Write code for this version of the product
  9. Use good component abstractions
  10. Seek feedback from peers while coding
  11. Give coders creative freedom

Do the work

Productivity advice popped up on today but it got moderated. I managed to get the actual link from #lobsters on IRC. It’s a brief and mildly motivating article, I’m not altogether sure why it got moderated. The article’s main point is that if you want to be productive you just need to do the work!

Advice From An Old Programmer

Just recently I read Zed Shaw’s Advice From An Old Programmer, and in it he says:

I’ve been programming for a very long time. So long that it’s incredibly boring to me.

That’s been in the back of my mind for a few days, and something I’ve been thinking about as I hope for people to join ProgClub. It seems to me that the longer you program the less you are interested in programming. But, it takes time to be a good programmer, so the better you get, the less interested you become. ProgClub wants first and foremost people who are *interested* in programming, and secondly it wants people who are *good* at programming. Though it doesn’t seem like there are going to be that many good programmers out there who are going to have the time or the interest for ProgClub. Which means that ProgClub’s best bet is probably to encourage participation from enthusiastic beginners.