Konsole column width

So after having read this I was trying to configure Konsole by editing my config files under


and I couldn’t get my column width config to apply.

The problem was that I was configuring column width with the TerminalCols setting, but the correct setting is actually TerminalColumns, which was difficult to figure out! Not sure how I managed to get that wrong in the first place, but it’s fixed now.

My new Konsole dimension settings are:


Thunderbird Maildir backend

I’m trying to figure out how to get my Thunderbird to use Maildir instead of Mbox so my backups are less data intensive.

I opened about:config via Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Config Editor…

Then I changed “mail.serverDefaultStoreContractID” from “@mozilla.org/msgstore/berkeleystore;1” to “@mozilla.org/msgstore/maildirstore;1”.

Everything is easy when you know how!

New Apache SSL configuration

Today Apache complained about SSLCertificateChainFile being deprecated and it told me to use SSLCertificateFile instead.

SSLCertificateFile was already in use with the .crt file. I had to create a new ‘SSLCertificateFile’ by concatenating the .crt file with the ca-bundle, and that fixed the problem:

# cat trust.jj5.net.crt trust.jj5.net.ca-bundle.pem > trust.jj5.net.pem

Enabling Server Side Includes (SSIs)

I have some old web content that works using Server Side Includes and I needed to get it functional on a new web server. I found this article How do I enable server-side includes (SSIs) on my site? which had everything I needed to know.

First I needed to add the content type and output filter to the Apache configuration:

  AddType text/html .shtml
  AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml

Then I needed to add the IncludesNoExec option:

  Options MultiViews Indexes SymLinksIfOwnerMatch IncludesNoExec

Then I needed to specify the DirectoryIndex:

  DirectoryIndex index.shtml index.html

And that was it!