Fixing Firefox/Iceweasel restricted port

Today I ran into this warning from iceweasel when I tried to access a web service on port 101:

This address is restricted

This address uses a network port which is normally used for purposes other than Web browsing. Iceweasel has canceled the request for your protection.

I found this article which said:

  • Open about:config
  • Create if it’s not there
  • Set that setting as, e.g.: 101-104
  • Refresh the page

Adding ‘Attach to Icedove’ desktop/dolphin menu item on Debian Jessie

On Debian Jessie (testing) the default ‘Send as Email Attachment’ context menu item uses KMail, and only KMail, even if you’ve configured your desktop to use Icedove (Thunderbird) as your default mail client.

So you can remove the broken ‘Send as Email Attachment’ from Dolphin by opening Dolphin then:

Settings -> Configure Dolphin… -> Services -> uncheck ‘Send as Email Attachment’

Then to create a replacement feature that uses Icedove edit:


And enter:

[Desktop Entry]

[Desktop Action attachToEmail]
Exec=icedove -compose "attachment='$(echo %F | sed 's/\\ \\//,\\/\\//g')'"

Name=Attach to Icedove
Name[it]=Invia E-mail con Icedove
Name[es]=Enviar adjunto con Icedove
Name[de]=Als Anhang mit Icedove verschicken
Name[pt]=Anexar ao Icedove E-mail
Name[pt_BR]=Enviar arquivo(s) como anexo(s)
Name[fr]=Envoyer avec Icedove
Name[nl]=Voeg toe als bijlage aan Icedove
Name[pl]=Wyślij jako załącznik Icedove
Name[ru]=Отправить с помощью Icedove
Name[cz]=Odeslat jako přílohu Icedove


And make sure your .desktop file is executable:

 $ chmod +x ~/.kde/share/kd4/share/icedove_attachment.desktop

Resolved firefox ssl_error_expired_cert_alert

I was getting the error ‘ssl_error_expired_cert_alert’ in Firefox. I checked my client certificate and it hadn’t expired. I checked my CA certificate and it hadn’t expired. It turned out that the problem was that my ca.crl Certificate Revocation List had expired. I fixed that by running jj5-bin empathy-ca-update-crl which says:

echo Updating CRL...
openssl ca -gencrl -config ca.cnf -cert cacert.crt -out ca.crl.pem -crldays 365
if [ "$?" -ne "0" ]; then
  echo Error updating CRL.
  exit 1

echo Exporting CRL to DER format...
openssl crl -in ca.crl.pem -outform DER -out ca.crl.der
if [ "$?" -ne "0" ]; then
  echo Error exporting CRL in DER format.
  exit 1

echo Viewing CRL...
openssl crl -in ca.crl.pem -noout -text
if [ "$?" -ne "0" ]; then
  echo Error viewing CRL.
  exit 1

Firefox prompting to download application x-trash from Apache2

I was changing a HTML file index.html to be a PHP file called index.php and I renamed my index.html file index.html.bak. The plan was that Apache would find index.php rather than index.html and serve that as the default page. But when I went to load my page Firefox was asking me if I wanted to save the file with MIME type application/x-trash — not what I was expecting! It turns out the problem was related to the index.html.bak file, apparently Apache had decided that was the default page and then when it tried to get the MIME type for .bak it came up with application/x-trash. So the solution was to move the index.html.bak file to something with a filename that didn’t begin with ‘index.html’ (I used ‘original-index.html’) and then once that file had been renamed the index.php page was served properly.