Rigol MSO5074 HDMI

I got my Rigol MSO5074 outputting to HDMI:

I can’t get it to work on my bigger HDMI monitor though, not sure why. Maybe the cable is too long? Maybe the signal is too low resolution? I don’t really know enough about HDMI to guess at the cause.

// 2022-09-18 jj5 – UPDATE: according to this there’s a known issue with HDMI that’s fixed with a firmware upgrade. Might have to look into that.

The smallest and worst HDMI display ever

This is great: The smallest and worst HDMI display ever. There’s a write up over here. This guy has plugged an OLED device directly into the HDMI port on his laptop. On a related note, I thought Craig would appreciate this one: Building a tiny steampunk “HDMI” display from the same author (recommend watching at 2x speed).