PDO: Execute a prepared statement using array for IN clause

See Example #5 here.

/* Execute a prepared statement using an array of values for an IN clause */
$params = array(1, 21, 63, 171);
/* Create a string for the parameter placeholders filled to the number of params */
$place_holders = implode(',', array_fill(0, count($params), '?'));

    This prepares the statement with enough unnamed placeholders for every value
    in our $params array. The values of the $params array are then bound to the
    placeholders in the prepared statement when the statement is executed.
    This is not the same thing as using PDOStatement::bindParam() since this
    requires a reference to the variable. PDOStatement::execute() only binds
    by value instead.
$sth = $dbh->prepare("SELECT id, name FROM contacts WHERE id IN ($place_holders)");


Read PHP MySQL BLOB today to learn how to work with BLOBs. Basically:

public function insertBlob($filePath,$mime){
    $blob = fopen($filePath,'rb');
    $sql = "INSERT INTO files(mime,data) VALUES(:mime,:data)";
    $stmt = $this->conn->prepare($sql);
    return $stmt->execute();

function updateBlob($id,$filePath,$mime) {
    $blob = fopen($filePath,'rb');
    $sql = "UPDATE files
            SET mime = :mime,
            data = :data
            WHERE id = :id";
    $stmt = $this->conn->prepare($sql);
    return $stmt->execute();

public function selectBlob($id) {
    $sql = "SELECT mime,
        FROM files
        WHERE id = :id";
    $stmt = $this->conn->prepare($sql);
    $stmt->execute(array(":id" => $id));
    $stmt->bindColumn(1, $mime);
    $stmt->bindColumn(2, $data, PDO::PARAM_LOB);
    return array("mime" => $mime,
             "data" => $data);

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