Math support in MediaWiki

I've been through this process before (for older versions of MediaWiki than the 1.18 version I'm using at the moment, and things have changed) but yesterday I found myself following instructions for enabling support for mathematical equations in MediaWiki. So that's up-to-date on my Morpheus (private) and Sixsigma (public at wikis (which are based on my jjwiki project). At the moment I have four wiki projects: bkwiki and bkdevwiki for Blackbrick, pcwiki for ProgClub and jjwiki for I also have another wiki project that's not presently under version control called BBS for Blackbrick. I think I'll roll the bkwiki, bkdevwiki and BBS projects into a single project (bkwiki), and the pcwiki and jjwiki projects into a single project (jjwiki) so that I only have two MediaWiki projects to maintain (for now). But, as usual, making things simpler demands more work... not sure when I'll get around to that.


I'm working on a new ProgClub project called pcdedupe. It's a file system de-duplicator and it's a C++ system based on rdfind. I haven't created the project page on the wiki yet, but the source code is available.

Basically I'm going to take a new angle on the rdfind software and tailor it to suit my particular environment (I have ten million files with massive duplication and rdfind isn't optimised for that kind of scale).

Testing slib ‘scriptify’ and friends

I've written a few little functions to help me sanitise content before including it in automatically generated JavaScript. The idea is to prevent code injection.

You can see the tests for my function in the scriptify_test.php file on ProgClub Member Net (where is hosted). You can view the scriptify unit tests in pcrepo.

Unit testing is fun! :)