Orders of magnitude

I wanted to get some intuition for what made a bigger difference: adding an extra item to a set, or having an extra order of magnitude of items in a set. So I created this spreadsheet and discovered that an extra order of magnitude smashes an extra item in the set.

In the spreadsheet the parameters are ‘x’, which is the size of the base set (called Set A), and ‘i’, which is the number of extra items to add into the second set (called Set B).

If you make x = 10 and i = 90 you break even, Set A and Set B grow at the same rate.

If you make x = 10 and i = 1 it’s no contest, Set A gets much bigger much faster.

How to clear dashed lines from LibreOffice Calc

I don’t know how it happened but suddenly I found I had this annoying situation in LibreOffice Calc whereby there were “dashed lines” repeating regularly throughout my sheets. Turns out it was display of page breaks. Anyway I found this and the solution was:

Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice Calc ▸ View ▸ Visual Aids ▸ Page breaks