ProgClub news

There’s been news every day for a while now. Not too shabby. Today’s news is that ViewVC (aka: Pcview) has been installed and configured on That means that now pcrepo can be browsed online. Comes complete with support for syntax highlighting and line-numbers (courtesy of the ‘highlight’ package, couldn’t get enscript to work for PHP) and a proper logo with a link back to the wiki. That’s five completed projects now! Go school!

MediaWiki extensions repository

I found the svn repository for MediaWiki extensions:

There are a lot of extensions in there. Not sure if adding it as an external on my own repository was a good idea or not. Let’s see how that goes.

At a glance I found a few interesting extensions. I bumped into them while searching for a NoTitle extension, which I couldn’t find. There was StalkerLog, which logs user logins/logouts; and WhoIsWatching, which displays who is watching particular pages.