[ProgClub list] Memory management in C

jedd jedd at progclub.org
Sat Oct 1 08:56:22 AEST 2011

 Bit of a cross (thread) posting .. soz.

 I was going to observe that K&R is all you really need, since you're
 a Real Programmer .. but then pondered on the fact that's all I
 used when I was at college, and twenty years later I can barely
 remember any C at all.  I recall that I really had a good handle on
 pointers, and vaguely recall being chuffed (at the time) with this.

 Having said that - I'd expect that K&R would in fact give you about
 90% of what you need to know .. until you get into the second stage
 (analysing other people's code).

 For your daemon project .. are you sure netcat can't do what you

 upstart (apt-cache show it) might be a good way of maintaining
 its presence.

 And I echo the earlier observation - run it as a dedicated, non-root
 user, mosdef.  This introduces two things that are going to prolong
 the development process - learning how to drop privs, and working out
 what uid/gid you should be using so you don't step on toes, present
 and future, in the Debian world.


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