[ProgClub list] Pointers and recursion are among the most basic things in the world.

jedd jedd at progclub.org
Sat Oct 1 09:01:16 AEST 2011

On Sun, 2011-09-25 12:09:25 PM John Elliot wrote:
> Found this article today:
> http://evincarofautumn.blogspot.com/2011/09/tricky-programming-concepts-arent.html

 {much snipped}

 I'm glad you found this - I'm slowly working through the list backlog
 in my mail client and was reminded this article with some stuff you
 were saying earlier about C.

 For a fact, I am going through a similar learning-something-big-from-
 scratch phase at the moment, as I try to get my head around setting
 up and using some digital audio workstation software, along with a
 USB keyboard / controller.

 For me the biggest problem is finding resources that cover,  as you
 say, the Very Big View .. but also the stuff that's written for the
 absolute noob, as there's so often an assumption that anyone
 researching a given field must have a certain amount of knowledge
 already.   And, to be crystal clear, I most certainly do not.

 The book lists you posted earlier .. would drive me crazy with
 their sheer volume - paralysed by abundance.

 We need freedom /from/ choice, not freedom /of/ choice.  :)


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