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jedd jedd at progclub.org
Mon Oct 17 08:37:48 AEDT 2011

On Sun, 2011-10-16 05:15:17 PM John Elliot wrote:
> Isn't that weird how google searches don't give the same results to 
> everyone. Sorta seems a little spooky to me.

 Not just to you.  A story on HN a while back pointed to some nice
 propaganda (perhaps more in the Spanish sense of the word
 than the English) about the google (and bing, &c) bubbles.


 I keep four browsers on the go (not including icognito versions of
 same) for a combination of convenience and managing google

 On konqueror I see that progclub comes first.

 On Iceweasel and Chromium I get the FB page first and 
 progclub second.  On Chrome I get two FB pages 1st and 2nd
 place with the offer to show more results from facebook.com
 inserted before progclub at third place.  For shits and giggles
 I tried lynx - FB first, progclub second.


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