[ProgClub list] So, why aren't we using Unix as god intended?

John Elliot jj5 at progclub.org
Thu Oct 27 02:01:55 AEDT 2011

On 27/10/2011 1:44 AM, Asher Glynn wrote:
> Saw a discussion the other day with a guy for C++11 - was arguing against
> run time type information and*for*  a whole lot of frankly sociopathic C++
> behaviour. Heck, for a lot of the sheer power, C is better. A lot better.

C is my focus at the moment (I have two open C projects), but recently I 
purchased a few books on bash, sed/awk, Lisp, C++ and C#4 as well, and 
I'm planning to get to them, probably in that order. The maths books I 
purchased are on Calculus and Linear Algebra, not sure when I'm going to 
have the time to work through any of those... so much to do, so little time.

In other news, in the AI class I got 96% for my first homework and 100% 
for the second homework. I'm pretty pleased with that, but doubt I'll be 
able to keep performing at that level. Homework 3 is due on Monday and I 
haven't done any of the lectures for week 3 (this week) -- I'm still 
trying to catch up on last week, which I'm half-way through. 
Unfortunately I've pretty much abandoned the ML class to focus on the AI 
class, which, really, I'm struggling with (regardless of what my grades 
say so far). My approach to note-taking is quite onerous, but I still 
think worthwhile. If I have nothing else at the end of the course I 
would like to have comprehensive notes on the subject.

My notes are coming along:


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