[ProgClub list] So, why aren't we using Unix as god intended?

Asher Glynn asher.glynn at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 03:24:03 AEDT 2011

> C is my focus at the moment (I have two open C projects), but recently I
> purchased a few books on bash, sed/awk, Lisp, C++ and C#4 as well, and I'm
> planning to get to them, probably in that order. The maths books I purchased
> are on Calculus and Linear Algebra, not sure when I'm going to have the time
> to work through any of those... so much to do, so little time.
> In other news, in the AI class I got 96% for my first homework and 100% for
> the second homework. I'm pretty pleased with that, but doubt I'll be able to
> keep performing at that level. Homework 3 is due on Monday and I haven't
> done any of the lectures for week 3 (this week) -- I'm still trying to catch
> up on last week, which I'm half-way through. Unfortunately I've pretty much
> abandoned the ML class to focus on the AI class, which, really, I'm
> struggling with (regardless of what my grades say so far). My approach to
> note-taking is quite onerous, but I still think worthwhile. If I have
> nothing else at the end of the course I would like to have comprehensive
> notes on the subject.
> My notes are coming along:
>  http://www.jj5.net/sixsigma/**AI_class_overview<http://www.jj5.net/sixsigma/AI_class_overview>
Interesting the level of stats. Very interesting. Thought there was more to

We all learn differently obviously, but I wouldn't sweat it as long you
pass. A pass is good. I didn't get a lot of stuff until up to 3-4 years
after when I found a use for uni work that I could actually relate to.
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