[ProgClub list] Whoops!

John Elliot jj5 at progclub.org
Sun Oct 30 03:40:05 AEDT 2011

Hehe. I just fielded my first bug report for the pccipher encryption 
library. A student from Italy sent me an email about it.

Basically my example code didn't work because the wrapper functions 
(i.e. the advertised interface to the entire library) hadn't been 
updated after I factored out support for global configuration settings. 
Such a noob error, I'm embarrassed. Anyway, it's fixed now. I hope. :P

I didn't catch the error with my unit tests, because my tests used a 
more manual approach than the global wrapper functions. I've added tests 
for the wrapper functions now too.

It makes me so nervous having an encryption library out there. What if 
someone encrypts their data with it and then due to some unknown bug it 
can't be decrypted and that's their only copy of the data? Man, I hope 
that never happens!

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