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Fri Aug 31 23:40:10 AEST 2018

On 31 August 2018 at 22:59, John Elliot V | ProgClub <jj5 at progclub.org>

> *but* it's going to take a while to complete.


py-hub-02:/hub/pub# df -h .
Filesystem                Type  Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/pub_crypt-pub ext4  8.0T  7.7T     0 100% /hub/pub

py-hub-02:/hub/pub# time du -scm */* | sort -n
 ... (364 high-level directories) ...
real    1m44.395s
user    0m0.168s
sys     0m0.828s

py-hub-02:/hub/pub#  du -a | wc -l

 py-hub-02 is a single-core, 512MB, virtual machine, serving an 8TB volume
made up from 6 VMware virtual disks running luks (software crypto) overlaid
with LVM (RAID0)

 And a du of a 6TB partition on your brand new workstation will run

Never heard of iLO [1], don't think I'm caring about that.

 Fairy nuff.  Once you're used to enterprise features it's hard to go back.

 I hate plugging keyboards and screens into servers if I don't have to.

> Don't care about that. I like DVD.

 Fairy nuff.  Once you're used to quiet, fast, small boot devices, it's
hard to go back.

 I use the DVD bay for my single SSD, as noted elsewhere.  I haven't used
actual spinning polycarbonate for some years.

The Marvell 88SE9230 [2] hardware RAID isn't real RAID..?

 Rumours abound.

 Do some careful research.

 It'd be embarrassing if my recommendation to avoid accidentally buying
Windows-only software-RAID hardware was ignored twice.  ; )

I'm scoping some specs (and costs) over here:
>  https://www.jj5.net/sixsigma/Server
> Looking like $2,500 for a fairly capable server based on the Gen10.

 You may need to utilise a Linux hypervisor (eg. KVM) so you can get decent
(software) RAID1 going with the Gen10.  Gen8's seem to be a bit sparse on
staticice and ebay now, in any case.

 I'd totally avoid splashing out on a pair of SSD's .. that seems like an
utterly pointless waste of money.

 Similarly, given you 'want to store files', 32GB of memory for a file
server seems rudely excessive.  Go for 16GB, in a configuration that lets
you add in an additional 16GB at a later stage.

 I'm running a number of VM's (refer attached) on two x 16GB boxes - but
these vary in memory, cpu, and i/o (disk) heftiness.

> So left to my own devices I would have the host OS (probably Ubuntu
> Desktop w/ VNC server)

 Sweet jesus christ on a cracker.

> AIUI both ESX and VirtualBox are non-free and given that my VMs are
> presently VirtualBox VMs I think VirtualBox is probably path of least
> resistance for me...

 Are you using free in the speech or beer sense?

 Consider KVM (I'm sure I mentioned this before) if you want to avoid
VMware products.

 Consider also the raging successes of OpenOffice, Hudson, MySQL, OracleJDK
.... and then contemplate if you want to hitch your wagon to the Oracle ass.

 Buying a proper server and then running Ubuntu with a GUI with VirtualBox
on it is a particularly perverse proposition.

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