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Ah, nice one. Thanks Jevan!

On 2/6/19 3:41 pm, Jevan Pipitone wrote:
> Here's what I found about expandsz / expandsize:
> https://pthree.org/2012/12/12/zfs-administration-part-vii-zpool-properties/
> expandsize: Amount of uninitialized space within the pool or device that
> can be used to increase the total capacity of the pool. Uninitialized
> space consists of any space on an EFI labeled vdev which has not been
> brought online (i.e. "zpool online -e"). This space occurs when a LUN is
> dynamically expanded.
> https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/solved-zfs-expandsize.45190/
> Jevan.
> On Fri. 31-May-19 12:28 am, John Elliot V | ProgClub wrote:
>> I'm trying to figure out what 'EXPANDSZ' means in the output from
>> 'zpool', but the 'zpool' man page doesn't indicate.
>> So I was hoping to search the entire contents of 'man' with some sort of
>> search feature. After all perhaps EXPANDSZ is documented elsewhere.
>> Having never searched 'man' content before I started out with a web
>> search in order to learn how that might be done:
>>  https://duckduckgo.com/?q=man+search
>> ...and it's all about "Man's Search for Meaning", which I thought was
>> kinda poetic. :)
>> May the Force be with you,
>> John Elliot V
>> p.s. is it possible to search the 'man' database?
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