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Roland Turner roland at rolandturner.com
Thu Jun 6 09:45:06 AEST 2019

On 6/6/19 6:13 am, John Elliot V | ProgClub wrote:

> On 5/6/19 12:35 pm, Roland Turner via programming wrote:
>> If you're struggling to produce reliable systems at your current level
>> of complexity then you'll fail completely with larger, more complex
>> systems; even well-tested ones. There are habits of mind required that
>> you're not yet exhibiting.
> I've been trying to figure out the implications of this, and I think
> perhaps I am just a small systems kind of a guy... there are plenty of
> small systems out there, and far fewer more complex ones, so hopefully
> there is a place for little old me...

No doubt, but you missed the point. You appeared to be advancing the 
idea that reliability is somehow a function of large, well-resourced 
systems. This is false. Reliability is _*much easier*_ in small systems.

If you're not capable of building reliable systems[1], then you're not 
in any realistic sense a competent programmer.

- Raz

1: and as before, not that this is not a binary condition; absent 
numeric performance targets it's a statement about the path, that at 
each step you are making choices which choose more reliable over less 
reliable, rather than refusing any effort towards reliability on the 
basis that it won't be perfect

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