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Jedd Rashbrooke jedd.rashbrooke at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 23:58:41 AEST 2019

On Tue, 11 Jun 2019 at 23:40, John Elliot V | ProgClub <jj5 at progclub.org>

> So... can I beg and plead to be allowed to do all of the above on one
> VM? Merely on the basis that things with less parts are simpler... :P

 I would expect things would be simpler on separate VMs.

 Graylog, f.e., isn't yet accredited with Elasticsearch v7, yet I'd suggest
you'd want to run Elasticsearch v7 on your 'elastic' box, and you'd need to
run Elasticsearch 6.x on your graylog box.  It's frustrating, but that's
how it is.

 Isolation makes everything else simpler.

 You could perhaps run everything in separate containers on the one VM?

> Also... I know you really like LVM ...

 Me and everyone else that manages GNU/Linux systems likes, uses, endorses,
trusts, advocates, and relies on LVM.

-- you have recommended it to me many
> times before -- but I prefer to institute systems with all of the
> capacity they require ...

 As you note, this falls down when you don't know what your future
requirements will be.

> , and then, when that capacity is going to be
> exceeded, I provision a new replacement system.

 As you note, this involves a lengthy, risky, stop-the-world event, which
I'd suggest is a very 1990's way of approaching provisioning.

 FYI, when I need to grow a VM's file system I add a block device, make a
physical volume(pv), add it to the volume group (vg) then extend the
logical volume (lv) and then resize the file system.  Adding the PV is the
only thing (on ESXi 5.5) that involves a service impact, which is a ~30
second reboot, and that's only if it's a brand new block store that I'm
adding to the VM.

> Again, I plead my case
> on the basis of simplicity, so I don't need to keep track of multiple
> LVM parts... which offend my sensibilities.

 I'm sure you'll do whatever you want, but I suggest that your preferences
are based on a lack of experience using LVM, and some new low-risk logging
& monitoring systems would be ideal territory to increase your skill set
and comfort factor on the LVM front.

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