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Wed Jun 19 09:27:23 AEST 2019

On 19/6/19 9:13 am, Jedd Rashbrooke wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Jun 2019 at 09:04, John Elliot V | ProgClub <jj5 at progclub.org
> <mailto:jj5 at progclub.org>> wrote:
>     When referring to a BSD license you need to qualify the number of
>     clauses to indicate the specific one that you intend. I found this
>     tiresome and complicated so I switched to the MIT license.
>  This suggests to me that your licence selection is based on an interest
> in not wanting to consider licensing details, rather than an affinity to
> a particular, codified set of ethics / constraints / permissions.

I disagree. I'm committed to freedom and progress and commerce and for
these reasons I find MIT/BSD licenses more appealing than GPL flavoured
licenses; although I consider any form of free software a step in the
right direction.

Honestly I'm a little unsure of my feelings about proprietary software,
although I still feel there is a place for it, I'm confused about when
that's best. I'm a professional computer programmer which means I need
to be paid for creating software and if all my software is free software
it's not clear how I will make money plying my trade.

>  Which is definitely a position you're entitled to, but I don't
> understand why a prefix to 'BSD licence' (or just a verbatim copy of the
> specific BSD variant's licence within each source file, as you seem to
> do) wouldn't have been just as effective.

It would have been as effective, just slightly more work. And I would
need to remember which version I used when I was talking
extemporaneously about it, like when I'm at the pub. If I just said "the
BSD license" or "a BSD license" I wouldn't be being specific, and
otherwise I'd have to know, which would entail remembering, which could
be a hassle. The whole issue was averted by switching to *the* MIT license.

>  Did you re-licence existing 'BSD licenced' code btw, by re-applying a
> different licence?   Did that have any ramifications for people who'd
> previously downloaded some .php scripts from you with the Expat licence
> attached, but upstream's now got a different licence?  I'm unclear how
> that works absent (or even with) version or release number changes.

As I own the copyright to all of my work I can license or relicense any
of it under any license I choose now or at any point in the future. But
I think I left most stuff that I licensed under a BSD license as it was
and just started using the MIT license for new projects. I don't think
it's a particularly pressing issue for AIUI the two (or three, or four)
licenses are functionally equivalent.

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