[ProgClub programming] Announcing rf.php and rnd()

Jedd Rashbrooke jedd.rashbrooke at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 13:58:25 AEST 2019

On Wed, 19 Jun 2019 at 13:06, John Elliot V | ProgClub <jj5 at progclub.org>

> It was a particularly fun bug, however, because it only happened between
> 8am and 10am.

 You continue to miss the point.

 You seem to think that *because* you tracked down a basic type handling
error that prevented your code from running 2/24ths of the times it tried
to, that the current quality of the code is now robust, satisfactory, fit
for purpose, etc.

 My point is almost precisely the opposite.

> And while you might point out that the script I wrote broke on certain
> hours of the day, the script you provided today:
>  find . -type f | head -$RANDOM  | tail -1
> probably just returns the last file found by 'find', and is not what one
> would call "random".

 Well ...

 a) it's disingenuous to compare your ostensibly carefully crafted business
critical backup suite with an off-the-cuff proof of concept designed to
demonstrate why you don't need ~ 600 lines to randomly pick one item from a

 b) that first version was released under a restrictive licence that
prohibits you from using it or even referring to it -- so I direct you to
version 2 which was released earlier today on this list, under the Good
Proper Licence, that is guaranteed to have no remaining bugs and will work
under all conditions and at any time of day.*

 c) in terms of the actual intended functionality - pick a file, you don't
care which one, and open it in vim (or whatever other hand-waving intent) -
even that line you've quoted was sufficient and satisfactory to manually
check the efficacy of a backup system if the functional requirement was to
present a single element from a single backup to a human who was then
required to manually perform some kind of visual verification check.


* guarantee will not be honoured.
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