[ProgClub programming] Announcing the base() shell function

John Elliot V | ProgClub jj5 at progclub.org
Sat Jun 22 17:49:21 AEST 2019

On 22/6/19 5:15 pm, Jedd Rashbrooke wrote:
> Perhaps a maintainer would think to look for bash functions within an
> 'aliases.sh' file.

The file was named aliases.sh for historical reasons and I didn't think
it was particularly important to rename it. But I have now renamed it
cli.sh, which has probably only served to break all the source links
used in this discussion. I'm not sure it was worth it.

Honestly I'm tired of defending my decisions from what I feel is
hyperbolic overstatement/"nitpicking" of things which really aren't
problems. Your "two line" solutions (with no documentation or error
handling, both of which were strictly wrong as provided) have a bunch of
issues that I could enumerate. If I felt like that would be time well

Let's get back to talking about log monitoring on the other thread. I'll
be ready soon I just need to update my Salt Stack from using grains for
state info to using pillar for state info and then I will be ready to
provision the VMs required. Hopefully I get that Salt Stack update done
this evening, we shall see.

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