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John Elliot V | ProgClub jj5 at progclub.org
Sun Jun 23 18:18:19 AEST 2019

So I've landed a new programming gig wherein I get to program against
Blizzard's Battle.net World of Warcraft API:


It's good fun.

It seems like a long shot, but has anyone on the list used one of the
Battle.net APIs before?

I found their web servers to be very unreliable. When downloading large
JSON files (e.g 20 MB) the connections would regularly drop, so I needed
to use 'curl' and its resumption capability to reliably ingest my data.

Also, pro tip: I discovered that if you switch the "http://" in their
CDN URLs to "https://" the URL still works but the content streams way
faster. I think they shape port 80 HTTP traffic but haven't got around
to implementing that for HTTPS yet! Anyway that's my best guess based on
my observations.

This project has forced me to decide whether I'd prefer a relational
database or JSON files. Very hard decision to make. The JSON files I
think are the most straight forward, but I think it's easier to do more
sophisticated reporting out of a relational database.

I asked the customer to decide, and we're going to go with a database.
But honestly, tough call. One thing about JSON files is if you want the
latest data you just download the latest JSON file and after its
downloaded you can just overwrite the previous version of the file, but
with a relational database you need to keep current data available while
you're ingesting the future data and then flip over to the new data when
you've finished loading it, so some sort of version control or time
series seems necessary, so a little extra complexity there for a
database implementation... looking forward to cracking this nut!

May the Force be with you,
John Elliot V
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