[ProgClub programming] Installing software from github

John Elliot V | ProgClub jj5 at progclub.org
Fri Jun 28 13:40:44 AEST 2019

I'm surprised this is the first time I've realised I have this problem...

I have found some software which I want to provision on one (or two, or
three) of my workstations:


It's just a handy tool to upload large files to AWS Glacier. (I haven't
actually used it yet.)

Usually I just git clone github software into jj5 at tact:~/repo/git/github.

Otherwise I keep scripts like this in my jj5-bin project in one of my
jjrepo svn repo and deploy them as standard to /home/jj5/bin.

But in this case I would prefer to be able to automatically get the
latest version from github if it gets patched in future (i.e. git pull).

I'd be happy enough putting the git clone into my svn project. That
sounds kinda terrible but it might work.

If not that then what? Maybe git clone into e.g.
/srv/github/numblr/glaciertools..? Maybe with symlinks in /usr/local/bin..?

What do other people do when they want to install some software
maintained on github on a handful of their computers?

May the Force be with you,
John Elliot V
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