[ProgClub programming] Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

Jedd Rashbrooke jedd.rashbrooke at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 23:01:35 AEST 2020

On Tue, 21 Jul 2020 at 19:51, John Elliot V | ProgClub <jj5 at progclub.org>

> >  Interesting.  You should have been able to login as root from the
> > console, yes?
> Perhaps if I had preempted such trouble and configured a password for root?


> >     This meant that I had to learn how to use the Raspberry Pi Imager for
> >     Mac OS X -- but this turned out to be relatively trivial, sans some
> >     complications due to my SD card reader (I ran up the shop to buy a
> >     new one).
> >
> >  On OSX that's still just 'dd', isn't it?
> Quite possibly. Anyway there was an easy GUI thing.

 "I had to learn how to ..."


 dd if=raspbian.dd of=/dev/sd[x]

 I guess if you've not used dd before, then there's a learning requirement
on either, but installing and then fiddling around with a gui app seems a
bit more convoluted than just installing via dd in a terminal.

 Actually, I'm jumping ahead - was there a reason to not just do this using
dd on the GNU/Linux box?

Well I'm kind of invested in it now (some degree of vendor lock-in). The
> reason I used it in preference to Debian was its Long Term Support ...

 Have you ever used this?

> That Salt Stack is currently unsupported on 20.04 is starting to become
> a problem for me. I'd like to upgrade my 10.04 systems but I can't
> because I rely on Salt Stack being available.

 I might be missing something, however:


  ... suggests that salt-minion latest (v3001) is available as deb packages
for Ubuntu 20 (Focal)

> AIUI "Raspbian" has been rebranded "Raspberry Pi OS". So, yes, it's just
> Raspbian.

 Ah, cool.  I guess Raspbian was a bit of a mouthful, even if it was a
unique string (by far the most important thing for a project's branding for
me : ) compared to 'raspberry pi os'.

 In other news, I ordered a couple of new Raspberry Pi 4's (2GB model) last
night - will be setting up Home Assistant on one.

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