Prog Club Challenge 3

Queen vs Rush

So, how did Queen beat Rush at a Prog Night?


Well, the numbers were a little stacked to begin with. At the start of the night, Dave and Mardy were Queen diehards, Wok was a Rush diehard, and Brett and I were undecided. I don't know what decided Brett's vote, but for me the night was won with the early Queen live tracks. They really rocked - they didn't have the cool clinical microsecond-precision of Rush, but they *really* rocked. They weren't as prog as Rush, obviously, but Floyd weren't as prog as Genesis either, and Queen did have enough multi-track noodling, time-signature trickery and operatic bombast to qualify. Not to mention those songs about ogres and fairies.
Why I voted for Queen: I think early Queen rocks partly because of the fact that they don't play with the extreme precision of Rush. Their fast and loose style gives their songs a real "out-of-control" quality which is very rock'n'roll. (even when juxtaposed with the progness of glam outfits and operatic vocals...) I think Queen got my vote because they have a better singer (or at least one that doesn't sound like a eunuch on helium), and consistently wrote better (or perhaps simply catchier) songs than Rush. Conversely though, I find '80s Queen to be more unbearable than '80s Rush, and in reality I listen to Rush more often, and have more Rush albums (and my Floyd collection is far bigger than my Rush/Queen collection put together..) which goes to show that... well actually I don't know what that illustrates, but I guess good singing and catchy songs do not always a great band make (as Yoda might say...)
Though I voted for Rush (well, someone had to - actually I changed my vote to Floyd by the end...) I fully agree with everything Paul and Brett said - and indeed David's argument that by playing the 80s vid version of 'YYZ', Geddy's ponytail and hammy face of Alex Lifeson did not do us any favours. As I wondered whether to keep playing it as it went into the drum solo he pointed out that we didn't have to watch the other two.
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