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This is the ProgClub news for the year 2014. Latest news goes on top.


New project pcforever

New project: pcforever! This is a caching HTTP gateway.


New member

New member, ObituaryConch! Welcome to Michael who heard about us via Google.

More reasons to love ProgClub

No spying at ProgClub!


Site maintenance

Updated the home page to use a white link on the sign-up button to try and make it more prominent. Updated pcrego with an additional field to ask where new members heard about us. And there's been lots of activity on the slib project.


New member!

Our new member maalali signed up today. Welcome!


Announcing Pccipher firefox addon

A new project, Pccipher firefox addon, is available. This software is using a git repository rather than the usual svn repo.


ProgClub MemberNet activity and new project

Chris has been blogging on MemberNet, particularly he's started a new project, the Pccipher Firefox Addon (see Part 1 and Part 2).


New members!

Belatedly, ProgClub welcomes: ugenla, cyberspinach, lixni, AshCode, sayan21694, y0sher, bugcy013, burkard, rommy.