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This is the ProgClub news for the year 2015. Latest news goes on top.

2015-11-26 =

New member

Welcome to Tina!


Planning ProgClub Christmas Drinks 2015

Coming to ProgClub's Christmas Drinks? Swing by the data planner and register your availability!


New member

Welcome to Geert!


New member

Welcome, Vasile! That makes 50 active ProgClub members!


Fixed wiki presentation

There was an issue with the wiki whereby the top navigation had an orange tinge that was not desirable. We managed to remove it. Thanks to Adriano for his help! Now the wiki is looking as slick as ever! :)


Thanks for coming to our birthday party

Wow. Record turn out for ProgClub's 4th birthday on last Thursday the 9th: 11 people! Photos are in. Thanks to everyone who came (Bozic, Brad, Chris, John, Raz, Jedd, Hailey, Shaz, CK, David, and Dubz) and look forward to seeing you again in six months at the Christmas party!


Birthday party planning

We're planning our 4th birthday, see here for details.


MemberNet splits!

The MemberNet servers honesty and hope have gone separate ways. Now, rather than being kept up-to-date together, honesty will run a recent distro (Ubuntu 14.04) while hope will be kept back (Ubuntu 10.04). This allows us to test our software on older or newer platforms.


New member!

ProgClub welcomes Tay Tay.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to our ProgClub community! Hope everyone has a cracker year! First news for this year is a minor update to our policies:

Policy updates

The ProgClub Contributor License Agreement has been updated with a minor clarification regarding the intention of the agreements' clauses as regards reasons for requesting our contributors' permission to re-license their contributions. Under our interpretation this modification does not alter the semantics of the agreement, it simply adds clarity concerning our motivations.