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See the Fleet of Machines for information about hosts on the ProgClub network.

If you're administering ProgClub assets, please document your actions on the wiki. See the relevant pages:

See Future Machine Names for the kind of stuff we're on about.

See, or update, Network Administration for work that needs to be done.


Etckeeper is now installed on Charity, which means the correct procedure after making edits to files in /etc is to issue:

$ sudo etckeeper commit "my reasoning here"

after you're done with your changes. There's an auto commit every day, and an autocommit whenever you apt-get install something. You can manually commit your changes as above. To see the commit log for a particular file:

$ sudo bzr log /etc/passwd

TODO: explain how to revert unwanted or mistaken changes.

TODO: explain what to do if you want to check if there are any uncheckedin changes.