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The plan with this page is to build a checklist for potential causes of bugs. I'm annoyed that I only started this 30 years after I started programming. Every time I solve a problem caused by a type of bug I will try to add it to this list so it doesn't get me so easily next time.


Some questions to ask yourself when you're debugging a problem:

  • have you used an 'if' statement where you need a 'while', or vice versa?
  • have you made an assignment (=) instead of an expression (==)?
  • did you forget to call your parent's constructor?
  • did you pass a constant value instead of a constant name to e.g. defined()
  • have you changed a positional interface (function parameters in order) without updating callers? positional interfaces are typically used in DAL add() and set() functions. as a general rule you should only add parameters and never change their order.