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__NOTITLE__ This page is about ProgClub forums. For information about ProgClub domains, see Domains. For information about ProgClub member services, see Services. For information about hosts on the ProgClub network, see Machines. Check out our Projects to see what we're working on.


ProgClub runs several forums for members and the general public. They are:

The Copyright policy applies to content on all ProgClub forums and there are rules for posting to the mailing lists. You might also be interested in our projects.

If none of that works for you, there are other ways to get in contact.

The wiki

You can contribute anonymously to the wiki. Just find a page (that isn't protected -- ProgClub policy pages are protected) and click the Edit link and you can update the page. This will record your IP address. If you're more serious about contributing to the wiki then you're best off creating an account. You can do this by clicking on the Log in / create account link in the top right hand corner. Once you've created an account you can update your preferences and optionally specify a new skin.

The blog

You can post comments to any blog post without needing an account. If you'd like to post articles on the blog you will need an account. Anyone can have an account on the blog, you don't actually need to be a ProgClub member for that. If you already have a blog account you can login, and if you don't you can register for an account.

The mailing lists

Details about the mailing lists are best seen on the Mailing lists page. In short, ProgClub operates the following mailing lists:

List Subscription Administration Public? Moderated?
announcement subscribe administer Yes Yes
list subscribe administer Yes No
programming subscribe administer Yes No
vcs subscribe administer Yes No
admin subscribe administer No No