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This page is a welcome message for new ProgClub members. If you're not a new ProgClub member it doesn't apply to you (you can of course change that by registering to become a ProgClub member!).


One of the great things about being a ProgClub member is that it entails absolutely no obligation. Well, no obligation except that you remain subscribed to the ProgClub announcement list. So, now that you have an account, you don't actually need to do anything at all. However, if you'd like to, there are a few things that you can do, as detailed below.

Terms and conditions

Before using your login details to access any of ProgClub's services, please be aware of our terms and conditions. Particularly the copyright policy as that contains the ProgClub Contributor License Agreement wherein, among other things, you agree to license your contributions to projects under the projects' licensing terms. If you do not accept the terms and conditions, please do not use ProgClub's services.

SSH access

You can use your account details to login to any of the club's user machines via SSH. Typically that would be:

$ ssh

using your ProgClub member username. There are several ssh client programs available. If you're on a Windows system use PuTTY, otherwise you probably have a built in 'ssh' command as part of your operating system.

The user machines are hope and honesty. You can connect to a specific machine via SSH using either of:

$ ssh
$ ssh

If you don't specify a specific host you will get routed through to honesty. Note that you use progclub.NET (not progclub.ORG) to connect to the user machines, there's more information about this on the Domains page.


At ProgClub you have at least three accounts: an account on the wiki, a ProgClub member account, and a ProgClub email account. Anyone can have an account on the wiki, you don't actually need to be a ProgClub member to have one of these. Anyone can have an account on the blog too, and you aren't automatically signed up for that as part of your membership. If you'd like an account on the blog then head over and sign yourself up. In order to get a ProgClub member account or a ProgClub email account you need to have registered. The account names and passwords for your accounts can be the same, or different -- it's up to you, and depends on what information you provided at registration.

One of the first things you might like to do as a new member is to change your password.

Changing your wiki password

Once you're logged in click on the My preferences link at the top right of your screen. Then on the 'User profile' tab, under 'Basic information', click on the 'Change password' link and follow the instructions.

Changing your member password

You can change your ProgClub member password using the standard Unix 'passwd' utility once you're logged in to a user machine via SSH. Just type 'passwd' at the prompt and follow the instructions.

Changing your email password

Login to the user email administration facility with your ProgClub email address and the email password that was sent to you in your welcome email. Then change your password or update your email forwarding details in a way that suits you.

MemberNet: member web-pages

ProgClub operates a facility called MemberNet. MemberNet is the set of member web-pages available from Note that you use proglub.NET not progclub.ORG to access MemberNet and the user machines. ProgClub has a fairly sophisticated and extensive setup for its domains, which, if you're interested, you can read more about on the Domains page.

In your home directory via your SSH account you can create a public_html directory for the purposes of having a ProgClub member web-page on MemberNet. There are some brief instructions about how to go about setting up a ProgClub member web-page found on the Webpage creation page.

MobileNet: mobile web-pages

ProgClub also operates a facility called MobileNet. MobileNet is the set of web-pages available from Note that you use progclub.MOBI not progclub.ORG or progclub.NET to access MobileNet.

In your home directory via your SSH account you can create a public_mobile directory for the purposes of having a ProgClub mobile web-page on MobileNet. Checkout Webpage creation for further information.

Subversion pcrepo

ProgClub members have commit access to the club's subversion repository which is known as 'pcrepo'. You can read more about it on the Subversion page.

It's important to be familiar with the club's terms and conditions prior to using the subversion checkin feature for any source code, particularly (but not only) the copyright policy, as these contain the Contributor License Agreement wherein you accept to license your work under the terms of the project.

If you're not happy with those terms, then please don't submit content! Submitting content indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions.


Typically you will have a ProgClub email account created for you when you register. You can connect to it via secure authenticated SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. The server is, and you use your ProgClub email account details to connect. See the following sections for the SMTP and IMAP server settings.

Your email account gets you all of the following email addresses:


We recommend that you use as your primary email address, but the others might come in handy from time to time. (Say, for instance, if you're creating multiple accounts somewhere, or if you want to give out an email address that you can ignore messages to (not that we'd encourage you to ignore people!)).

SMTP sever


  • Server name:
  • Port: 25

Security and authentication

  • Connection security: STARTTLS
  • Authentication method: Normal password
  • Username:

IMAP server


  • Server Type: IMAP Mail Server
  • Server Name:
  • Port: 143
  • Username:

Security settings

  • Connection security: STARTTLS
  • Authentication method: Normal password


ProgClub was founded in July 2011, so we're pretty new. We've done a few things in that time, however. The latest news is that we've released an encryption library, which you might be interested to know about. You can keep up-to-date with ProgClub news on the News page, and maybe checkout our other Forums.


If you find the club's green/orange/black fixed-width fonts scheme a little too much, you can turn it off. Information about how to do this is provided on the Skins page.

Mailing lists

The club operates a few mailing lists. You can read about them on the Mailing lists page. You are automatically subscribed to the announcement list as a part of your registration, the other lists are at your option. It would be cool to see you there though, so why don't you head over and sign up?

If you don't already know how to setup mail filters, checkout the Mail filters page for guidance. It's a good idea to setup mail filters so that messages from ProgClub don't get in the way of your more important business!


It's very cool to welcome you to ProgClub! Welcome aboard, and happy hacking.