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__NOTITLE__ This page provides information about machines on the ProgClub network. For information about ProgClub domains, see Domains. For information about member services, see Services. For information about administering ProgClub assets see the Administrative reference. Check out our Projects to see what we're working on or our Forums to get in touch.


User machines

The following are the user machines:

Administrative machines

The following are the administrative machines:

Private machines

The following are the private machines:

  •, User:John's secure development environment, for more serious types of software, such as software that runs as root on Blackbrick equipment.

Explanation of classification scheme

ProgClub classifies its machines as either user machines, administrative machines or private machines.

User machines are systems that ProgClub members can log into for programming or account usage purposes. Member web-pages are available via user machines.

Administrative machines are systems that are used to provide administrative services such as the ProgClub web-site, user authentication, user home directories, email, or administrative databases.

Private machines provide private and secure services to members who have been able to negotiate provision of equipment on such terms. For security purposes John manages private machines that ProgClub members generally don't have access to.

The canonical domain for user machines is, whereas the canonical domain for administrative machines is Private machines use, except if they're allocated in another domain. The reverse DNS lookup for hosts on the ProgClub network uses the appropriate canonical domain. It is generally best to use the canonical domain names, however you can use other domain names as explained in Domains.

A note on virtualisation

At the moment all ProgClub machines are virtual machines provided by Slicehost. They can be a little slow, sorry about that. Maybe one day ProgClub will have enough funds to get some real boxes, but at the moment we can only afford these limited-capacity virtual machines. If you're experiencing capacity issues with any of ProgClub's machines, get in contact with John and we can look at system upgrades. These cost money though, and there's no point spending money on unused capacity. There was an issue with slowness of the ProgClub web-site, which has been resolved by a system upgrade.