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This page provides information about ProgClub MemberNet. For information about ProgClub member services, see services. For information about hosts on the ProgClub network, see machines. Check out our projects to see what we're working on or our forums to get in touch.

ProgClub MemberNet is the term we use to describe the part of the ProgClub network which is provided for the use of our members. This is in contrast to the administrative facilities that members only have limited access too.

The first generation MemberNet services we provided by hope and honesty, both of which have now been decommissioned.

The second generation MemberNet services are scheduled to be provided by strength, but as of May 2018 the configuration of strength is not yet complete. It that's annoying you, nag John!

So in practical terms MemberNet is two things:

  1. a web-site with members' areas available from
  2. an SSH server available for members, e.g.
  3. a web-site with members' areas available from, also known as MobileNet.