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Tired from the hot Fresno summers? Tired of trouble falling asleep? Tired of expensive PG&Electronic bills to great down your house? Imagine a great summer breeze flowing through your place, no air conditioner necessary. Install a quiet energy effiicient Whole House Fan to reduce your energy invoice while cooling your home. Make summers comfortable – even in the Central Valley temperature.

A whole house fan coming from Provident Place Alternatives, pulls awesome clean air into your place while continually pushing stale warm air into the attic, where it is forced out through vents. With the ultra quiet, super powerful whole house fans coming from Provident House Options, you will hardly know it’utes on. But, you will notice that in 15 minutes you will feel the temperature at home end almost 15 °F.

Just how will it perform in the hot Fresno area summers?

Most people don'n realize exactly how cool the summer evenings are in Central California. The chart below shows that the average low temperature in Fresno last year (2011) had been 68 degrees.

Source: The Weather Channel

While the sun's heat passes down, the air cools. By converting on your Whole House Fan a handful of hours each and every night, you can exchange the hot air on your property for the cool air outside. In fact, our fans are so powerful, these people exchange the air in your house 20 times per hour. Right now you can wake up in the morning to your great residence with an average temperature of 68 to 70 degrees. Then, close your windows to seal in the awesome air.

If your house will be insulated properly, your place will stay awesome until late into the afternoon. You might need to turn the air on for a couple of moments, but hundreds of our customers have practically disused their air conditioning.

How much money can I expect to help save? A whole house fan doesn't just keep on being great, it keeps your wallet full! Our energy efficient AirScape whole house fans only use about as much electricity like two lightbulbs! A great average bulb uses about 40 to 62 watts of electricity.

Some people hardly ever use these powerful fans on high. So, if you turn on your Whole House Fan for a few hours per morning, it will be the same when switching on two lightbulbs. Compare this to the air conditioner using 1000’utes of Watts per hour. Installing a whole house fan from Provident Place Alternatives reduces your energy footprint and saves money.