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The Myth from the Tea Cup Pomeranian

Let'ersus get a single thing straight coming from the beginning, there is truly no such thing like a tea cup Pomeranian. Nor will there be a toy, wallet or miniature pom. Any individual selling you pom with the above labels will be a fraud a lot more interested in making money than being certain his/her puppies go to some good family.

A Pomeranian should way 3 to 7lbs, depending on no matter whether it'ersus a male or a female. The height changes between 8 to 11 inches. The weight and size is defined from the AKC. If the breeder boasts anything else, think twice about buying there.

It tiny but feisty dog will be 1 in the smallest dog breeds available. It'utes about the same size as a chihuahua. Breeding dogs that are any smaller would be inhuman. Many so called "toy" dog breeds experience all sorts of health troubles. Chihuahuas for instance can develop serious issues like their brains can grow bigger than their skulls.

And there'ersus the added risk of broken bones. Plenty of tiny dogs have broken bones while jumping of their owner'utes lap or couch. Their tiny bones are so fragile, tripping over your dog could be described as a death sentence.

Don't get my routine wrong, I think poms are an excellent breed. I want to warn you for scrupulous breeders wanting to make a buck with the latest rage.

Search for a reputable breeder. One that increases the puppies in the/her residence and allows you to visit them several times. Make sure the breeder selects on character and health, not just beauty. Can you prefer to have a wholesome pom that'utes maybe a little on the large side, or one which would be considered a tea cup Pomeranian that you simply have to take to the vet each and every other 1 week? If you care about your future dog, and I'm positive you perform, I know you'll make the right selection.