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Pcmnet is the ProgClub Member Net and Mobile Net software. That's the software that provides the Member Net and Mobile Net front pages and associated files (such as robots.txt). For other projects see Projects.

Project status

Released, but there's still stuff TODO.


Members who have contributed to this project. Newest on top.


Copyright 2011, Contributors. Licensed under the New BSD license.

Source code

The repository can be browsed online:


The code for pcmnet is publicly available from svn:


Or privately available for read-write access:




Things to do, in rough order of priority:

  • Update data/time of render at bottom of page
  • Sort members alphabetically
  • Show last modified date (of most recently modified file)


Stuff that's done. Latest stuff on top.

  • JE {date}: created project page

Notes for implementers

If you are interested in incorporating the ProgClub {project name} into your project, here's what you need to know:

Well, there's not really very much too this project. If there's something you're interested in probably just copy and paste it from pcrepo.