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This page details the ProgClub copyright policy. For other policies see ProgClub:Policy.

Please don't pinch copyrighted work and post it here. The only material that is suitable to post on ProgClub forums (the wiki, the blog, or the mailing lists) is material that you have written yourself or copied from a public domain source.

By posting content to a ProgClub forum (the wiki, the blog, or the mailing lists) your are giving ProgClub the right to publish your material on the internet without restriction and without attribution. Some forums provide a mechanism for attribution, while others do not. Where it is feasible to do so ProgClub is happy to give you attribution for your contribution, but we reserve the right to use any content submitted to any of our forums in any way.

If you are not happy with these terms, please don't use ProgClub forums.