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This page details the ProgClub copyright policy. For other policies and information about the service of notices see the terms and conditions.

Copyright policy


This policy applies to ProgClub members and non-members.

ProgClub forums

The ProgClub forums are the wiki, the blog, the mailing lists, comments at, and potentially other content delivery channels (such as MemberNet, pcrepo, etc.).

Please don't pinch copyrighted work and post it on a ProgClub forum. The only material that is suitable to post on ProgClub forums is material that you have written yourself or copied from a public domain or other similar free source.

By posting content to a ProgClub forum you are giving ProgClub the right to publish your material on the internet (or elsewhere) without restriction and without attribution. Some forums provide a mechanism for attribution, while others do not. Where it is feasible to do so ProgClub is happy to give you attribution for your contribution, but we reserve the right to use any content submitted to any of our forums in any way.

If you are not happy with these terms, please don't submit content to ProgClub forums.

If you are planning to contribute to a ProgClub forum, please understand that your contribution may be modified or deleted by someone else without notice. There is no guarantee that your contributions will persist in their original form, or at all. See the general disclaimer for further information.

ProgClub projects

Following is the Contributor License Agreement (CLA) for ProgClub projects.

ProgClub projects are usually under version control in VCS facilities such as pcrepo (and also Projects also generally have an associated project page accessible from the projects page on the ProgClub wiki. Some projects don't have source code in version control and only have a project page.

Contributors (members and non-members alike) wishing to contribute source code, documentation, data, or other content to a ProgClub project are most welcome to do so provided that by tendering their contribution they assert that they:

  • are the original author of the work, or the work has been copied from a suitably licensed source
  • are not aware of any patents that cover their contribution
  • are not aware of any trademarks that cover their contribution
  • are willing to license their work under the licensing terms appropriate to the project
  • accept the terms of the Contributor License Agreement as detailed here

If a contributor is confused about the licensing terms of the project, or if a member is confused about what qualifies as a suitably licensed source, they should ask. Generally there will be a 'License' section on the project page that details the current licensing terms. Contributors are entitled to attribution for their work, and they should update the appropriate section on the project page with their details. Generally there will be sections on the project page for detailing the contributors, the copyright holders, and the licensing terms of the project. The project page is the primary source for such information.

Contributions to a ProgClub project may be additionally covered by the ProgClub forums copyright policy.

Contributors to ProgClub projects also explicitly authorise the ProgClub Executive to modify the licensing terms of any of ProgClub's projects in the following ways:

  • to update licenses to a newer version
  • to add free software licenses approved by the Free Software Foundation
  • to re-license dual (or more) licensed projects explicitly under a single license
  • to remove licenses

To be clear: the reason for requesting our contributors' permission to re-license their contributions under other licenses in the future is two-fold:

  1. we want to remain agile with regard to our licensing strategy. If we deem it in the best interests of the project to foster adoption or contributions the Executive may elect to try modifying the licensing terms for the health or success of the project; and
  2. we may want to re-license the content to specific parties under more permissive terms that enable them to make proprietary and/or undisclosed modifications. This allows us to be more liberal at our discretion, which could be good for fostering adoption and use of our free software projects.

In doing any of the above a contributor trusts that the Executive will be acting inline with the Constitution and upholding the club's Values.