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Terms and conditions

ProgClub has a number of policies covering various aspects of the club's business. Please ensure you are familiar with the following:

Usage of ProgClub facilities indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Service of notices concerning policy changes

In the event that policies are substantially updated, a note will be posted on the News page drawing attention to the change and the ProgClub announcement list will be advised. All members need to be subscribed to the ProgClub announcement list (it's the only condition of membership), but if you're a non-member (or not otherwise subscribed to the announcement list, you don't have to be a member to be subscribed) and you aren't checking the News page regularly, then please review ProgClub:Policy (this page) from time-to-time to ensure you are familiar with the latest terms and conditions. If modifications to the policies are cosmetic or trivial no announcement will be made, so as to not waste people's time.