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ProgClub is a free international club for enthusiastic and passionate computer programmers, see what we do. Becoming a member of ProgClub is free and easy!

Send an email to with the subject line 'ProgClub registration' and include:

  • An indication that you accept the ProgClub terms and conditions
  • Your desired username, these are lower-case, for example I use 'jj5'
  • Your desired wiki username, these start with an upper-case letter, I use 'John' (because "Jj5" looks silly)
  • Whether or not you are happy for your real name to be published on our site
  • Whether or not you are happy for your email address to be published on our site
  • We like to know where our members are from, so let us know which country and state you are from
  • Which mailing lists you would like to be subscribed to, your choices are:

Before registering to become a ProgClub member please ensure you are familiar with our terms and conditions.

That's it for now. One day we'll create an automated registration system (see: pcrego), but for now we have to add your user manually. We have only just begun!