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SAK2018 is the ProgClub Standard Access Keys for web browsers specification. That's the specification you can use when implementing standard access keys for your website. For other projects see projects.


Unreleased. Planning is documented below.



Members who have contributed to this project. Newest on top.

All members have agreed to the terms of the Contributor License Agreement. This excludes any upstream contributors who tend to have different administrative frameworks.


Non-members who have contributed ideas to this project. Newest on top.

  • Klaus Mueller
  • Sam


Copyright 2014-2018, Contributors.


Licensed under the New BSD license.




Source code

The repository can be browsed online:

The latest stable released version of the code is available from:

Or if you want the latest version for development purposes:



Functional specification

The functional specification describes what the project does.

The specification nominates specific access keys with particular semantics and can be incorporated into most websites.

Numerical key assignments

Key Scope Location Window/Tab
0 Page Help New Window
1 Site Home
2 Site Sign-up / Create Account
3 Site Site Map
4 Page Search
5 Page License
6 Page Copyright
7 Site Privacy Policy
8 Site Terms & Conditions
9 Site Contact Form and/or Details

Alphabetical key assignments

Key Scope Location Window/Tab Thoughts
K Site Access Keys New Window
T Site Table of Contents
H Page Back to Top
N Page Next Article
P Page Previous Article
W Site What's new? Blog / News
F Site Syndication Feed New Window
M Site Social Media
L Site Login / Logout
A Page Add / Create / New
V Page View / Preview
E Page Edit
S Site Save / Send / Submit
D Page Delete

Alphabetical key availability

Left:  BC   G IJ    O QR  U  XYZ

Technical specification

The technical specification describes how the project works.

The specification rests on the HTML accesskey attribute.


Notes for implementers

If you are interested in incorporating this software into your project, here's what you need to know:

Go to and read the latest version of the standard for integrating with your website.

Notes for developers

If you're looking to set up a development environment for this project here's what you need to know:

You can discuss features of successive versions of the standard on the ProgClub programming list.



Things to do, in rough order of priority:

  • Complete SAK2018 documentation
  • Ratify SAK2018
  • Create /keys page to auto-detect users' modifier keys (see: Wikipedia)


Stuff that's done. Latest stuff on top.

  • JE 2018-02-28: fleshed out the functional specification for SAK2018
  • JE 2018-02-28: created SAK2018 project at ProgClub (this page)
  • JE 2014-10-16: created /SAK2014 for the first version of the standard
  • JE 2014-10-16: started SAK2014 spec
  • JE 2014-10-16: created project in svn
  • JE 2014-10-16: created project page