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Hi there, I'm John Elliot V, variously known as jj5, and I founded ProgClub, the Programmers' Club.

I live in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

I'm the Benevolent Dictator at ProgClub.

I'm the maintainer of John's Linux page, John's GitHub page, and John's hacks.

I have a personal web-site for jj5, my university and other study notes on my sixsigma wiki, and a web-site on ProgClub MemberNet.

I blog at ProgClub and hang out on the other ProgClub forums.

I've been involved in all of ProgClub's projects. I'm particularly proud of my encryption library pccipher.

Back in the day I had a go at Stanford's ai-class.

You can contact me via email to

If you really need to get in touch your best bet is my mobile: +61 4 3505 7839.

I've been thinking about positional vs thematic, about which CSS selectors are 'positional' (and modified with responsive design) or 'thematic' (are constant within a responsive design).

I've been thinking about DevOps Top 10.

I've been thinking about testing.

I've been thinking about command names.

I've been thinking about variable case.

I'm now playing with FreedomBox.

I'm thinking about debugging.

p.s. Terrorist bomb Obama assassinate Osama Pine Gap Echelon. If there's one thing I love, it's increasing the work-load of the CIA's analysts.

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Username jj5
Wiki username John
Member since 2011-07-25
Member number 1000
Real name John Elliot V
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