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2000/2001 Functions

Fri Dec 29 2001
Venue: Guitar'n'Plunger Studios
Themeless night.

Things that don't really fit into another theme or anything you just want to play. "A fun little night".

Fri Nov 30 2001
venue: Kali's place
21st Century Schitzoid Prog

Proggy, proggish and proggesque music of the present and recent past. A crackerjack night, certainly seems like there's plenty of proggy stuff around these days. Including: Mercury Rev, Ruins (and related projects!), Super Furry Animals, Phish, Tortoise, Don Caballero, Sigur Ros, Blur, Liquid Tension Experiment, Nik Turner, Air, Stereolab, The Hosemobile, Robert Wyatt plus some (very) homegrown stuff and the ever-present King Crimson.

This was also Prog Club's first anniversary, so we sang ourselves "Happy Birthday" in 7/4 and ate chocolate cake and let off those little plastic bottles that go "BANG!" and shoot streamers across the room.

Fri Oct 26 2001
Venue: Kali's place
Europrog I (France/Italy)

James finally got to play his PFM and Chris got to play some more weird and excellent shit featuring vocals in English, French, Italian and Kobian. And we discovered an obscure link between Pink Floyd and Magma.

Fri Sep 28 2001
Prog Club Jam
Venue: Kali's place

Well unfortunately Prog Club reached a new low last month. Three of us turned up to jam - well, two of us lived there anyway and Crock was staying with us, so in actual fact no-one turned up. We played for an hour or so and then watched "Jaws". Which admittedly does have a pretty good soundtrack though you'd be hard-pressed to call it prog.

Fri Aug 31 2001
Venue: Kali's place
Prog Challenge #2: Pink Floyd vs Genesis

First off we inaugurated a new tradition by listening to a whole album of the winner of the previous bout (in this case Gentle Giant). James played us the mighty fine Power And The Glory by the aformentioned GG.

Then into the Challenge. Although all present acknowledged Genesis' strengths, Pink Floyd won the vote by an overwhelming margin.

Half way through a challenge dominated by side-long epics, Bress gave a short demonstration of the wonders of the Chapman Stick.

Fri Jul 27 2001
Venue: Guitar and Plunger Studios

We all had a lovely turnout. Nose came, Huckleberry Fickle-Tickle my fingold, Little Boy Blue left his horn and stuff it under the fetty and brought his mellotrone and freaked them all out - Oh, what a mind-blast! Jackie Jill, Knees Up Mother Brodie, oh what a joy of a trickly-how there and I hope you all turn out as three quarters half as lovely or else you wouldn't half enjoy it. Stay cool, won't you?

Fri Jun 29 2001
Venue: Craig's place
King Crimson Video Night

A choice sample of Craig's superlative collection. We watched the Jamie Muir video again, plus videos from the Cross/Wetton/Bruford/Fripp lineup, the 80s lineup and the double trio.

Early comers and late-leavers also witnessed some other highlights of Craig's collection including Genesis (with Gabriel and Hackett of course), ELP, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Return To Forever.

Fri May 25 2001
Prog Fusion

I still don't understand exactly what Prog Fusion IS, but the music was amazing.

Plus we got to hear about a certain record company's forays into drug trafficking. (Apparently they're going into the E trade)

Fri Apr 27 2001
Venue: Kali's place
PROG CHALLENGE #1 Jethro Tull vs Gentle Giant

The inaugural Prog Challenge, which Gentle Giant won by the narrowest of margins.

In addition to the Tull/Giant playoff, we viewed a couple of choice Prog videos:

  • UK Channel 4 Greatest Prog Bands Ever Special
    "Hysterical...piss-funny...really really really good." - James
  • A rare 1973 King Crimson video featuring Jamie Muir.

Fri Mar 30 2001
Prog Metal

An evening of testosterone-enhanced sonic onslaughts of electric death. The guitars were distorted, the drums relentless, the time signatures incomprehensible and James told everyone about his dick-piercing.

Fri Feb 23 2001
Venue: Dave's pleasure dome
The Wall DVD night

We got to hear Roger's "I Spat On a Fan" story 5 times.

Thu Jan 25 2001
Venue: Kali's place
King Crimson Collectors Club

What more need be said? The King is king!

Fri Dec 29 2000
Venue: Kali's place
Bad Lyrics Night

Poorly attended due to the holiday season, but Pete Sinfield still got a good bagging.

Fri Nov 24 2000
Venue: Kali's place
Phish: Hampton Comes Alive

OK, so it's not really prog, but we had to get it out of the way. We almost made it too, but that last set eluded us.

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