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2002 Functions

Friday 26th December
Gee that "Return of the King" was a pretty good film - much more interesting than another boring old prog night.

Friday 28th November
venue: Paul's place
Euro Prog VII - Magma/Zeuhl night

Da zeuhl wortz mekan�k, da zeuhl wortz mekan�k zeulwortz
Wi wi ess ess do woritsto wahn
Owile risun dowe loi loi loi
Ioss da etnah werdett dos da Magma udets klowits

We listened to a goodly helping of Magma, and a selection of their offshoots and imitators - Archaia, Art Zoyd, Eskaton, Patrick Gauthier, Happy Family, Kultivator, Potemkine, Shub Niggurath, Bernard Szajner, Thollot, Verto, Visitors, Weidorje and Zao.

We also watched some great Magma videos, and drank home brew - What a way to spend Prog Club's 3rd birthday. We ate cake and sang "Happy Birthday Prog Club" in 7/4, but it just wasn't as much fun without Dave Williams there.

Friday 31st October
venue: Neil's place
Halloween/Horror/Scary Prog

A great night - more brilliant tracks than Satan could shake his trident at.

It did end up as more of a general halloween party than a prog club night though, And Chris justly complained that the tracks that relied on one's hearing the lyrics for their scariness fell a bit flat. But the musically scary numbers were well appreciated - even by those who couldn't shut their mouths for more than a minute at a time.

Friday 26th September
venue: Paul's place
Euro Prog VI - Scandavian Prog I - Norwegian/Icelandic Prog

Fjords, volcanoes, epic sagas, serious Seasonal Affective Disorder and more silly accents than you could poke a stick through.

Friday 29th August
venue: Bendy's place
Space Prog

Apart from the obvious Hawkwind, we also heard from the likes of Pulsar, Pi Corp, Sensation's Fix, Igra Staklenih Perli, Akasha, Steve Maxwell Von Braund, Far East Family Band, Nyl, Spacecraft, UFO, Tim Blake, Crium Delirium, Kingdom Come, and many more.

Friday 25th July
venue: Wok's place
Europrog V - Dutch Prog

Chris, as our resident Euro-Prog expert, demonstrated once and for all that there is more to the Netherlands than dikes, tulips, windmills and legal marijuana by introducing us all to the wonders of Brainbox, Cargo, Children of Jubal, Cosmic Dealer, Finch, Golden Earring, Group 1850, Kayak, Trace and especially Supersister. (Chris said before the night: "Personally, I could spend nearly the whole night just playing classic Supersister". Wok said on the night: "Wow, Supersister are living up to the hype!")

And of course, there was Focus.

Friday 27th June
venue: Bendy's place
Impro Prog

Alas, Quadrophonic night had to be cancelled (again) due to a lack of functioning equipment. At the last minute we substituted "Impro Prog". The last minute change of themes meant that we had a pretty poor turnout, with just 2 people making the journey out to Eltham who didn't live there to begin with.

We took a while to get started too, as we felt obliged to poke around the quad system for a bit longer just in case - no luck though.

Then we moved on the the improvised music, which was grand. Although we only listened to 7 tracks, 3 of them were more than 30 minutes long, (with two topping the 40 minute mark). We listened to 3 Phish tracks, including a 40 minute version of "You Enjoy Myself". We also listened to 40 minute Crimson jam from the Jamie Muir era, which was a little lacklustre to be honest - Wok said that one of the shorter jams probably would have been a better choice. And we closed the night with one of the three-track brackets off the Grateful Dead's Infrared Roses album (double CD of Space/Drums)

Easily the Prog night with the longest average track length.

Friday 30th May
venue: Craig's place
Frank Zappa II (1972-1981)

The turnout was pretty dismal, with just me and Steve making the journey out to Ning-Nong. But still a great night, with most of the many musical faces of Frank represented, together with the multiple vinyl pressings, video rarities and painstakingly transcribed sheet-music that we have come to expect from a Zappa night at Craig's place.

Friday 25th April
venue: Wok's new place

Play List

With the ugly matter of 2 World Wars behind them, the people of Australia and New Zealand settled down to the serious business of making progressive rock music.

There was a definate 70's Oz blues-rock flavour to the evening and most of the music wasn't really all that prog, but there were plenty of great tracks.

Let's see, Split Enz were the token New Zealand band. Featured Aussie bands included Madder Lake, Mackenzie Theory, Befuddle, the Ergot Derivative, Masters Apprentices, Galadriel, Ayer's Rock. The highlight for me was unquestionably Lobby Loyde Plays George Guitar which was as weird and wonderful as its title and didn't sound like it was from this solar system, let alone Australia.

We watched some early Split Enz vids which were ... weird. We also saw the new video clip from New Horizons in Violence and watched Craig's Oz Prog video which had a few moments, but was a bit lack-lustre (Craig promised no better).

True Aussies Proggers attended the pre-prog night BBQ at Paul's place in the afternoon.

Friday 28th March
venue: Bendy's (NEW!) place
Sci Fi Prog

The quadrophonic equipment couldn't be obtained, so the quad night was put back to June.

In it's place we blasted off into outer space, via Eltham, for Sci Fi Prog Night at Bendy's plush new digs. Sometimes stellar, sometimes galactic, always cosmic, the spacerock grooves, futuristic soundscapes and other science fiction related music launched our bodies into orbit and our brains into outer space.

The vintage NASA videos and 2001 Space Oddessy DVD added a superfluous, but appreciated, visual stimulus to the heady sensory cocktail.

Fri 28th February
venue: Mike's studio
Prog Jam Night

The night was an unexpectedly good success. We really kicked out the jams and recorded 3cds of stuff. (mp3's on website soon(ish))

Thanks to Mike for letting us use the studio, and thanks to all who came for putting in such a great effort!

Fri 31st January
venue: Wok's place
Europrog IV Krautrock part 3 1974 onwards

Achtung!! Chronologische Tourbussentrip der Proggen Klub des progressiven KrautRock f�hrt fort. Dieser Month, beginnen wir unser wander durch Chris's betr�chtliche enzyklop�dische Rekordansammlung von 1974.

Proggen Klub - Ihnen die Musik des Morgens, vom Gestern, am letzten Freitag jedes Monats holend.

Helles Bock!

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