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Becoming a member of ProgClub is free and easy!

Send an email to with the subject line 'ProgClub registration' and include:

  • An indication that you accept the ProgClub terms and conditions
  • Your desired username, these are lower-case, for example I use 'jj5'
  • Your desired wiki username, these start with an upper-case letter, I use 'John' (because "Jj5" looks silly)
  • Whether or not you are happy for your real name to be published on our site
  • Whether or not you are happy for your email address to be published on our site
  • Which mailing lists you would like to be subscribed to, your choices are:
  • Whether or not you would like to be a systems administrator. In order for your request to be a systems administrator to be granted you will need:
    • To be willing to be known publicly by your real name at ProgClub, and,
    • Be willing to be subscribed to the admin list, and,
    • Have half a clue about Linux systems administration, and,
      • Be known by John, or,
      • Have a web-presence that convinces John that you are a respectable genuine person

Before registering to become a ProgClub member please ensure you are familiar with our terms and conditions.

That's it for now. One day we'll create an automated registration system, but for now we have to add your user manually. We have only just begun!